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Let's Build!

Moondew76, Sep 16, 11 1:58 AM.
Hey all!

I would really like if we could recruit a few people to do some dungeon groups, anyone can invite.  Let's post when we are most available and move forward from there.  As for myself, I am on weeknights (except Mondays) after 8pm PST, and Saturdays.  I am making a big move and my schedule might change but I'll keep you posted.  Big Thanks to our loyal members! And CONGRATS to Talyn for his achievement on reaching exalted reputation with our guild!


Guild Update

Moondew76, Aug 12, 11 2:26 AM.
Hey Troops,

Just wanted to let you know that Khromlee has been called away to another part of the world and won't be with us for awhile.  I'll be acting as Guildmaster until further notice. 

Our guild has reached a stalemate!!  I want to remedy this, so, as a reminder, everyone can invite!  Let's try to find active members; I remove members who are inactive for 4 months.  I want to start grouping up again and completing challenges. 

Please feel free to create guild events!!  Mail me and I'll post it in MotD.


It's Summer!!!!

Khromlee, Jul 2, 11 2:33 PM.
Hey everybody,

I want to apologize for my extended absence. I've been so busy working 2 jobs lately and it's taking a toll on my free time. That said, I've been checking in on the guild and I'm happy to see we're still growing and getting better :D I hope to have some more free time coming up soon so I can get back in the game!

For all of our American members, have a great and safe Independence Day weekend! The rest of you, have a beautiful weekend as well!!


Happy 4th of July!

Moondew76, Jul 2, 11 2:18 AM.
While I find myself extremely busy this summer, I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a fun and happy Independence Day!  May the skies be clear and the fireworks bright!!  Hope to see you all soon :)


Summer Slowdown

Moondew76, Jun 19, 11 12:16 AM.
Hello Guildies!

Summer is here and everyone is out and about enjoying the sunshine and all the wonderful activities that the warm weather brings.  Our guild is still making progress and we are nearing level 9! 

Congrats to Sistaabbey on reaching level 85, to Armerva for dinging level 30, and to Balgar on hitting 20!  And I want to give a shout out to Bhabs, who is sweeping the news bulletin with all of her epic loots!!

We are an alt friendly guild, so if you ever find yourself online with several guildies, chances are that you can possibly form a dungeon group and complete one of the weekly dungeon challenges.

Stay safe and have a happy summer.
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